Bingo Guides

If you want to know everything there is to know about Bingo our handy guide will give you the run down on this popular game and its many exciting elements. We don’t only bring you the hottest Bingo sites, the biggest promotions and the latest news, we also tell you all about Bingo, how to play and other interesting information that will help you enjoy this great game even more!

This guide is designed to help you gain a deeper insight into Bingo, its history, game play and bonuses, and to make sure you get the most out of every game!


How to Play Bingo

Regardless of what type of Bingo game you choose or how many balls it has, game play remains much the same. Bingo is played on a grid with squares and you’ll get to mark squares off if they match the number called. Each game has its own winning pattern and some games have a single prize, while others have line prizes and a main prize. The first player to complete the required pattern is the winner.


How to Play 80 Ball Bingo

80 Ball Bingo features a card with different pattern variations, and each pattern pays out a win if matched. There are plenty of different ways to win when playing this version of the game, as winning patterns can run in a vertical line, diagonal line, horizontal line, big X, from 4 corners or as a full card.


Different Bingo Games

Although each game of Bingo works on the same premise there are a huge number of variants available online. The most popular form of Bingo is 90 Ball Bingo and this is considered the classic British version of the game. Then there’s 80 Ball, 75 Ball and 30 Ball Bingo, along with Speed Bingo, Progressive Bingo and Mini Bingo. There really is a Bingo game to suit every player’s preference!


 Facts You Didn’t Know About Bingo

There are loads of fun facts that prove just how entertaining Bingo is! Did you know Bingo cards were invented by toy salesman Edwin S. Lowe and mathematician Carl Leffler who made over 6000 different variants? Or that Bingo as we know it has been played since as far back as the 1800’s, when it was used as a teaching aid, while the biggest Bingo win to date was in 2009 when Georgios M won £5.1million playing online!


How to Find The Top Online Bingo Sites

Finding the top online Bingo sites is simple with Online Bingo Choices. We only suggest the best online Bingo sites in the business, so that you can pick and choose the one that suits you. Each site offers something special and you can rest assured that when you select one of our suggestions, you’ll enjoy world class gaming 24/7!


What are Mini Games in Online Bingo?

Mini Bingo games offer added entertainment and allow players to enjoy slots and other similar forms of entertainment while they mark off numbers on their cards. You can buy your Bingo cards and enjoy mini games whist chatting to other players, and you won’t ever miss out on any of the action as your winning numbers will be daubed off automatically if they are called.


Bingo Chat Rooms

Bingo chat rooms offer a fun way of interacting with other players online and are a great way to get to know people from across the globe. In these chat rooms you can meet new Bingo buddies, claim exclusive bonuses and even enjoy chat games. Chat room hosts or moderators keep the good times rolling and the prizes coming, and many great friendships are formed between players in these rooms.


Bingo Deposit Bonus

The best Bingo sites all offer generous bonuses, and a Bingo Deposit Bonus is a very popular reward. You may be rewarded with a bonus on your first deposit, or you may be lucky enough to claim additional rewards as you make subsequent deposits thereafter. A Bingo Deposit bonus will match all or a percentage of your deposit, giving you extra funds with which to have fun.


Bingo Tournaments

Bingo tournaments take the excitement of the game up a notch and will see players buying tickets for a certain event. You may have to pass a qualifying round and after that you’ll work through additional rounds, with winners and runners up progressing to the next stage. These tournaments may take place at a set time, or they may run over a week or month. There are plenty of prizes up for grabs and loads of ways to win.


What are Bingo Chat Games?

In Bingo chatrooms you won’t just get to make new friends and connect with other likeminded players, but you’ll also play games that offer additional prizes. These games are led by the chat host and add to the lively atmosphere. Chat games aren’t usually Bingo based and can be quite varied; they may even include sweepstakes, games of trivia or other similar forms of entertainment and often simply getting involved will lead to other rewards.


What Loyalty Points Can You Gain By Playing Online Bingo?

Loyalty Programs differ from site to site but they can be very rewarding. Often they work on a tiered system and the more you play, the higher you progress, claiming bigger and better bonuses along the way. Loyalty points may be awarded for the time you spend playing, the number of games you enjoy or the amount you deposit, so be sure to chose a site that offers you the very best rewards.


Bingo Rules

Bingo rules are simple and straightforward, and when playing online you have the advantage of being able to learn them all for free. You can play free games to get the hang of the requirements, and when you are ready and feel like you know exactly what’s up, you can start playing for real money. The game’s rules will usually be clearly explained and a chat host will help out if you’re unsure.


History of Bingo

The game of Bingo is a direct descendent of the lottery game Lo Guico del Lotto d’Italia that began in the 1500’s. In the 1800’s educational lotto games became popular in Germany and in 1929 when a toy salesman’s business was affected by a market crash, he created Beano. At some stage someone accidentally called out Bingo rather than Beano, and the name stuck. Bingo has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity since going online and it keeps pulling in the crowds.


Bingo Calls

Bingo calls are a British tradition that’s spread to the rest of the world. Each number has been given a nickname to make it a little more amusing and to elicit a certain response. For example, Legs Eleven for the number 11, Up to Tricks for 46 and Rise and Shine for 29. There are also several modern Bingo calls that have emerged, such as J Lo’s Bum for 71 and Ali G for number 30.


Bingo Lingo

Bingo lingo refers to the terms used in the chat rooms that make chatting that much simpler. Abbreviations for common phrases have been created and it won’t take long before you’re chatting away like a pro. Abbreviations such as yw for you’re welcome, ty for thank you and gl for good luck have cropped up, and there are also slang terms such as Roomies that refer to your fellow chat members or roommates, which have become the norm.


How To Design Your Own Bingo Games

Creating your own Bingo game is really simple. All you need to do is draw your own cards and add the desired numbers, words or images to the relevant squares. There are loads of free templates available online and you can customise these and print them off with ease. Bingo can be used for just about every occasion, as a teaching aid, or to add some fun to a Bachelorette party or baby shower!