Bingo Ad Filmed Alongside Crime Scene

Paddy McGuinness Crime SceneAs is the case with practically any other industry in the world, bingo has been privy to plenty of weird and wonderful occurrences in its time. Now, comedian Paddy McGuinness has given bingo fans another truly bizarre scene to remember by filming an advertisement right next to the scene of a shootout.

It has been a sight to behold for many as the Bolton-based comedian and his filming crew arrived on a street in Salford to discover that it had been taped up as a crime scene. Shots were fired through a window just next door to where McGuinness was set to film a new bingo advert.

The drama took place just after 9pm on the 9th of August, the night before filming. Two unknown cars pulled up outside a townhouse, and two shots were fired through its windows. The mysterious cars quickly drove away, but one soon crashed after heading down the wrong way on the dead-ended Highfield Road.

Paddy Continues Filming Ad Amidst Investigation

The shooting is apparently the second to take place in Salford in a space of just four days. They both came after a long period of relative peace in the city, which had not experienced a shooting since earlier this year in January.

As Paddy and his crew began to fill Highfield Road, forensic officers and teams of policemen investigated the property on Sage Place that had been shot by the gunmen. The police reversed a recovery truck through the comedian’s film set to load up a vehicle that is believed to also be tied to the shooting in some way.

However, despite these perturbing setbacks, Paddy was seen filming his advert for the new Jackpot Joy online bingo game only hours later. Spectators were certainly amused to hear an actress yelling ‘Woohoo... I’ve won, I’ve won!’ right beside the site police were examining for clues related to the crimes of the night before. For Paddy, it really was a case of ‘the show must go on!’

Paddy To Host New BBC Show

Paddy, who is best known for his jovial personality when presenting game shows like Take Me Out (and his own comedy slot as well), reportedly sat in a van waiting for the advert filming to commence as local police worked behind a barricade nearby.

It was recently announced that the comedy hero is set to host a brand new entertainment show powered by the BBC, which will celebrate the best music tribute bands and acts that Britain and the rest of the world has to offer.

The show, appropriately titled ‘Even Better than the Real Thing’, will be filmed at MediaCityUK – also based in Salford. It will see some of the world’s most accomplished tribute acts compete head to head to win viewers’ hearts and votes, with one band winning the ultimate winning title.

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