TV Shows Inspiring Bingo Games

Isabel Connor | Friday, 18th of August 2017

TV Shows Inspiring Bingo GamesMany television game shows have been successfully adapted into online Bingo games; their design and structure makes them perfect for this. But the inspiration that shows can offer to online games is not only in their design; increasingly, it is in their themes too.

Big movie franchises such as Tomb Raider have been used in slot games for some time, and NetEnt released its Rock Trilogy with Motorhead, Guns ‘n Roses and Jimi Hendrix slots. But now there are more and more television shows making appearances on games. We’ve already seen the Game of Thrones and even the Friends slots; now you can play Bingo with a Game of Thrones or a Family Guy theme.

Easily Adaptable for Online Games

Linking game shows to Bingo can make the payout and act of playing mean a lot more to television fans. Television shows lend themselves to incorporation into online games just as easily as Jeopardy, Deal or No Deal and other game shows do. Characters, motifs, soundtracks and thematic devices can all be used as reel icons, background designs and the basis for special side games.

The tension that fans feel watching Deal or No Deal, for example, is brought home in a new way when they get to play, and in Tomb Raider the side games involve Lara Croft solving puzzles as she has to in the console games and the movie franchise. If you love a show or a character, you’ll be more fully engaged in it after you’ve played its online games.

Full Absorption in a Franchise

The franchises of today spread over a huge range of products, to engage with consumers on several different levels. Often the same brand will be used for television, movies, book adaptations and other merchandise including console games. In the success of any themed game, the combination is almost vital. Of course the big shows are getting recognition in the world of online and mobile gambling, as these activities keep rising in popularity.

The situation is a mutually beneficial one; those who enjoy Bingo or slots may be drawn to specific shows, and those who appreciate certain franchises may be more tempted to play games if they carry the same themes. Social media can really help to lend a buzz here too. With every new game release, the connection to franchises proves how profitable it is in both directions. As the entertainment and iGaming industry becomes more cutthroat, this bankable partnership is sure to continue.